Queer Perspectives in the Arts

This digital course is designed for businesses that plan to display queer art and culture, and for anyone who wants to learn more about how to work with lgbt+ perspectives in the cultural industries. The course has been developed with support from the Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet).
A collection of colorful figures and symbols, including gender symbols, microphones and a raised fist

Clicking, reading and reflecting on the resources takes about an hour. You choose whether you want to delve deeper into the material by clicking the links in the text.

Follow the black arrow or press the arrow keys on the keyboard and you will be guided through the course.

For best readability and accessibility, set the browser to full screen mode.

Balansekunst is a collaboration between 170 arts and culture companies that work together for equality and diversity in the industry.

Arts and culture need a diversity of perspectives and voices. Art inspires, entertains and often teaches us things about ourselves, and about the world around us. It's important that arts and culture is accessible and inclusive for everyone, so that we get all the stories from all the talents, and can experience arts and culture with many different perspectives.

We want a society where everyone has the same opportunities. Hence we must break down barriers that make it more difficult for some to succeed in the industry. Everyone in society should be able to find role models to look up to, and everyone should be able to feel safe in arts and culture.

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